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Co-Parenting Connection

The Co-Parenting Connection is an exclusive, self-guided community and membership for co-parents

committed to prioritizing their children's well-being,

setting boundaries, regaining their power, and

navigating high-conflict co-parenting dynamics.

Co-parenting Connection Membership

Welcome to Coparenting Connection –
self-guided community and video membership for co-parents committed to prioritizing their children's well-being,
setting boundaries, regaining their power, navigating high-conflict co-parenting dynamics, and family court strategy. 


Challenges you may be facing with a high-conflict co-parent

The Membership Offers

"Joining the membership was the best affordable decision I've made. I finally feel like I have answers on how to respond to my coparent, support my children, and stop internalizing all the projections and chaos from my coparent. It was a no-brainer for my family." 


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Jan and Jillian are dedicated to helping co-parents and families facing co-parenting complexities by amicably resolving disputes and increasing constructive communication for a peaceful resolution. They help families establish firm boundaries, develop case strategies, heal unresolved relational trauma, support the psychological and emotional health of everyone involved, and create loophole-free co-parenting plans with a child-focused approach.

​Jan and Jillian's experience and background:

20 years of experience in Family Psychology
Masters of Counseling
Certified Professional Coaches
Certified Mediators
Certified Crisis Counselors 
Certified Deception Detection & Body Language Experts
Certified Micro-Expressions Experts

What you get when you
join the membership

Here Is What You 
Will Receive

  • Exclusive Weekly Video Content

  • A Community of Co-Parents

  • Monthly Q and A

  • Psychological Insights

  • Case Strategy Tips

  • Loophole-Free Parenting Plan Advice

"Wow! This membership has been such a relief. I've learned so much about how to communicate with my coercive ex. Even my attorney didn't give me this kind of advice on my parenting plan." 


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Join the Community of
Like-Minded Co-Parents

Chat safely with other co-parents experiencing similar situations.

Eliminate feeling alone while going through this major life transition

Privately seek advice and techniques for navigating a high-conflict co-parent 

Find inner peace and happiness and finally feel heard, understood, and validated

Get expert advice from family psychology experts and mediators at an affordable price

Release years of guilt knowing you're not alone in this journey. Protecting yourself and children was necessary

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"It's nice to know I'm not alone in my experience. I finally feel like I can move forward with my life with the new skills I've gained from the membership and best support my kids. I never imagined this as my journey but here I am doing the best I can."


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Co-Parenting Connection

What You'll Get In The Membership

Membership copy.png
  • Self-paced, online learning that fits your schedule and needs

  • Expert-led modules, practical exercises, and real-life scenarios

  • Resources and tools for ongoing support beyond the course duration

  • Unlimited access to the membership and community

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to this membership?

As long as your subscription is active


Can I cancel?

You may cancel at any time if you feel you have met your goals

What are the membership fees?

There are two options to choose from: A monthly rate for $28/month or a yearly rate of $308/year (one month free)


Who is this membership for?

For coparents looking for psychological advice on navigating a coercive co-parenting dynamic, communication techniques, child development recommendations, parenting plan tips, and negotiating insights. 


How do I connect with other coparents?

Everyone in the membership can join the private facebook group


What if I want a refund?

All service fees are non-refundable, as you'll gain access to exclusive content the minute you join.


Additional questions:

Please email

Subscription Fees

Monthly Fee of Only               $28/ month

Yearly Fee of Only                   $308/ year (1 month free)

Join Today

 Be Heard. Be Understood. Be Powerful

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