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Co-parenting Connection 

Are you exhausted from dealing with a high-conflict co-parent?

Or, newly divorced and not sure how to transition

to co-parenting?

The Co-parenting Connection is an exclusive, self-guided community designed for co-parents looking to put their children first and set boundaries for their own peace. This community is for those looking for solutions when navigating co-parenting, those looking to heal and take back their power, and

those who want to create a safe and secure

environment for their children. 


Confident Boundaries. Children-Centered Co-Parents.
Collaborative Communication.

What You'll Get:

A private self-guided online community with essential techniques for creating a collaborative co-parenting relationship.

Exclusive content with simple exercises for resolving discord and taking back your power.

Live Q+A each month with your coaches and mediators, Jan and Jillian, answering your questions about co-parenting, child development, and manipulation tactics.

New content launches weekly covering topics such as boundaries, psychological insights, parenting plans, negotiation, etc.


Co-Parent Connection

 Is a network of co-parents from across the globe.

Co-parents looking for support in a private, safe space.

Co-parents looking to connect with other co-parents going through a similar experience.

Co-parents who want solutions to support their children, feel powerful, and learn how to navigate the high-conflict co-parent. 

Portrait of Young Woman

"My co-parent became impossible to co-parent with after I remarried. He would withhold information making it impossible to co-parent together for our children. I felt stuck and hopeless until I joined Co-parenting Collective. I finally felt like I wasn't alone in what I was experiencing. I learned valuable communication tips to navigate conversations. It has given me my life back and the confidence to speak up when my co-parent is set on creating conflict."


Co-Parenting is an essential component to creating STABLE and healthy environments for your children’s overall development and growth between two homes. Due to the complexity of co-parenting, parents may face challenges where they disagree on what’s best for their children or struggle to meet their children’s needs. When there is a lack of congruence between parenting styles, it can become confusing for the children to feel safe and secure.

Co-parenting Collective can provide you with strategic SOLUTIONS to everyday parenting problems with like-minded co-parents. You'll have the support of other co-parents, like yourself. Each month, we will launch new content to address co-parenting challenges, how to best support your children, and how to find peace and take back your power like a Boundary Badass.

A community where
everyone is heard, understood, valued
and respected.

Confident Boundaries
Clear Communication


Co-parenting Connection FaQS:

Anyone across the globe can join the monthly video membership. 

New video content will be released weekly with along with Q & A Lives with Jan and Jillian

Your subscription will be billed one time each month for your monthly membership fee. Or, if you choose to buy the annual subscription (which does include a discount) you’ll be billed one time each year.

You can cancel at any time if you feel you've learned everything or it no longer supports you.

It’s easy to cancel inside the membership with a few clicks.

You can choose from two recurring subscriptions:
$28 a month OR

$308/annually with one month free!

Your coaches and Mediators

Ready to Join a community of Coparents?

Click the Link below 

With 20 years in family psychology, as Certified Family Mediators, with a background in Professional and Crisis Counseling, we work with our clients from the comfort of their own homes. 

We establish the root of your co-parenting challenges, provide psychological insight and creative solutions, set boundaries, and communication techniques that honor your children's development and safety when co-parenting with a high-conflict co-parent. 

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Co-Parenting Connection

A monthly membership for
child-centered co-parents


A Supportive Hug

Work through co-parenting differences and find solutions to power struggles and high-conflict communication

Support Group

Detach from the HCCP's mind games and establish healthy co-parenting boundaries for inner peace.

Support Groups

Feel supported and know you're not alone. Find your voice and honor the kids' needs. 

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