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Trauma To Triumph

An At-Home Online Course To Reclaiming Your Power & Inner Peace

Go From Feeling Triggered To Triumphantly Owning
Your Power

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  • Gain clarity around your triggers

  • Identify the root of the trauma

  • Discover healing coping techniques

  • How to regulate your emotions

  • Set healthy boundaries 

  • Find your freedom

In this online course we will cover


This course gave me so much clarity. I learned about the root of my trauma and how to process my emotions around it. The weight lifted has been such a relief. I feel like a new person now that I have the tools to take back my power. My only regret is I wish I'd known sooner about this course. This has been a lifesaver! Thank you :)


Get Trauma To Triumph

Jan & Jillian Yuhas, MFT, CPC
Coparenting Coaches and Family Mediators

This program is for individuals who have gone through a traumatic divorce or have unresolved childhood wounds. In this course you will discover how to finally heal after all these years, boost your confidence, take back your power, and find your inner peace and freedom. 


Taking Back Your Power

  • No longer live in the past

  • Finally speak up and own your worth

  • Set boundaries with others

  • Feel free to be yourself 

  • Embrace your self love

You will also gain

Here Is What You 
Will Receive:

Module 1: Unresolved Wounds
Module 2: Recognizing Triggers
Module 3: Trauma Responses
Module 4: Emotional Regulation
Module 5: Self-Love Plan
Module 6: Self-Care Plan
Module 7: Core Values
Module 8: Discovery Questions
Module 9: Setting Boundaries


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I finally feel free from my ex! The years of coercion and emotional abuse were detrimental to my life. I lost my self-worth and confidence. I didn't know the signs of post-traumatic stress and abuse, but I knew something was off. It was ruining my life. You can't put a price on emotional freedom. I now know  I wasn't doing anything and it was my ex that had the problem.


I'm Ready To Take Back My Power

Eliminate Pain, Stress, and Triggers

It doesn't matter if you were in an abusive marriage or have been experiencing unresolved trauma for years, this course will help you heal and find freedom.

While facing trauma isn't always easy, this is how you take your power back!
You'll finally have the freedom to no longer be triggered by others' behaviors.  

You'll finally feel a sense of relief and have a clear plan on how to heal and no longer give power to the past. 

This course will also give you all the insight and advice that your friends and family can't give you.

This one-of-a-kind program is going to save you lots of time and money. Healing doesn't have to be painful, stressful or years wasted in therapy. And, therapists won't tell you a lot of what we share because they don't specialize in proactive plans.

You will be able to successfully have the life you have always dreamed of on your terms. You'll no longer fear what others think or say about you. 

With over twenty years of experience in psychological healing and coaching, we ensure your needs are the top priority in finding peace. 

You'll have access to the course 24/7 so you can refer back to any of the audio or workbook when faced with stressful situations in life.  

This course will give you the exact tools to heal and take back your power when your family, ex, or others cross the line.

If you want to put an end to the unresolved wounds, triggers, and worries, then this course is specifically for you! 


All I can say is I found peace! I had no idea I was taking on my ex's emotions. I can finally set boundaries with him and feel zero guilt. I no longer need to deal with the drama. Inner peace is priceless! 


Im Ready To Heal
I Want Freedom

I never knew I was repeating cycles in my life until I got this course. I felt like I didn't have a voice my whole life and was triggered by gaslighting or aggressive tone. I just didn't know how to effectively handle it and heal so I could move on. The first time I feel like myself again and am truly grateful!



Module 1: Unresolved Wounds

This module helps identify types of wounds and how they impact your life. You'll gain clarity of your wounds or others' wounds being projected onto you. 

  • Identify specific behaviors expressions according to each wound

  • Gain clarity of when the trauma first occurred and how it impacts you and how it has recycled

  • How the wound shows up in your relationships today

Module 2: Recognizing Triggers

Identifying your emotional triggers allows you to gain insight into situations, sounds, sights, senses, and sights that my not be healthy for you.

  • Identify what situations trigger a painful emotional reaction

  • What about these triggers make you feel unsafe

  • Understanding about how past memories can send the body into trauma response

Module 3: Trauma Responses

Trauma responses like flight, freeze, fight or fawn is your body trying to protect yourself from unsafe scenarios.  You'll learn your response mechanism and how you can transform them to be healthy responses. 

  • Understand why the body senses danger it goes into trauma response 

  • Clarify which of the four trauma responses you have 

  • Learn how to turn unhealthy responses into positive responses

Module 4: Emotional Regulation

Being able to regulate your emotions is the first step to taking back your power and not longer giving power to past people or unsafe situations. You'll learn tools on how to regulate your emotions and create safety.

  • Discover how regulating your emotions is key in taking back your power

  • Learn to effectively manage your emotions with ease

  • Find inner peace with coping and healing techniques

Module 5: Self-Love Plan

Self-love is how you will reclaim your power and mentally heal. You'll learn now to build your self-worth and find inner peace and freedom through daily exercises. 

  • Create alignment to your truth and honor your needs

  • Mentally overcome your triggers and reset your mindset

  • No longer abandon your inner peace or feel unsafe

Module 6: Self-Care Plan

Self-care is how you physically heal and create a consistent routine of honoring your needs. Taking care of yourself gives you a secure place to operate from day to day.

  • Prioritize your self-care through daily techniques

  • Find activities that allow you to move through your emotions effectively 

  • Release stored trauma and feel a sense of freedom

Module 7: Core Values

Core values are the essential roadmap to creating alignment to your authentic truth and relationships in your life. They determine how to get your emotional needs met. 

  • Discover how core values meet your emotional needs

  • Learn why you need to know your values to set boundaries

  • Gain clarity by using your values a roadmap to life decisions

Module 8: Discovery Questions

Discovery questions are essential to assessing rather than assuming when uncovering facts in triggering situations. The more insight the easier it is for you decide your next step.

  • Learn how to use discovery questions to diffuse conflict or triggers with others

  • Why discovery questions allow you to assess before creating a response rather than an emotional reaction

  • Find out how they stop you from internalizing others' behaviors

Module 9: Setting Boundaries

Boundaries give you freedom and inner peace in protecting you from unwanted situations. It lets others know where you draw the line and what you are willing or unwilling to accept. They become your confident voice of reason in protecting your self.    

  • Respond confidently and effectively to triggers

  • Get your emotional needs met and own your self worth

  • Prevent unwanted trauma in the future

  • Create greater alignment with others in your life

Heading 1

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Trauma To Triumph

  • Gain inner peace and clarity

  • Let go of the past and current triggers

  • Heal with effective techniques 

  • Take back your power 

  • Set healthy boundaries 

  • Own your authentic truth

Yes, I Want Inner Peace!

Valued at $697

What You'll Get In This Online Course

24/7 Access To All Modules Videos

Do-It-Yourself Workbook Exercises

Key Steps To Feeling Free

Powerful Boundary Badass Method 

Yours today for just $147

I'm Ready To Be Free!

Jan and Jillian are dedicated to helping co-parents and families facing co-parenting complexities by amicably resolving disputes and increasing constructive communication for a peaceful resolution. They help families establish firm boundaries, evolve into their new lifestyle, support the psychological and emotional health of everyone involved, and create amicable co-parenting plans with a child-focused approach.


Jan and Jillian's experience and background:

  • Twenty years of experience in Family Psychology

  • Certified Professional Coaches

  • Certified Mediators

  • Certified Crisis Counselors 

  • Certified Deception Detection and Body Language Expert  

  • Certified Micro-Expressions Expert 

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