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Trauma To Triumph

Healing in the Wake of High-Conflict Divorce: Discover a Path to Healing, Setting Boundaries, and Taking Back Your Power

From Trauma To Triumphantly Powerful

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Welcome to Trauma to Triumph –
a life-changing course designed for parents who have navigated the stormy waters of high-conflict divorce. This transformative journey will help you heal, set boundaries, reclaim your power, and find inner peace after divorce.

Challenges you may grapple with after divorce

Our Trauma to Triumph Course offers

"This course gave me so much clarity. I learned about the root of my trauma and how to process my emotions around it. The weight lifted has been such a relief. I feel like a new person now that I have the tools to take back my power. My only regret is I wish I'd known sooner about this course. This has been a lifesaver! Thank you :)" 


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Get Trauma To Triumph

Jan and Jillian are dedicated to helping co-parents and families facing co-parenting complexities by amicably resolving disputes and increasing constructive communication for a peaceful resolution. They help families establish firm boundaries, evolve into their new lifestyle, heal unresolved relational trauma, support the psychological and emotional health of everyone involved, and create amicable co-parenting plans with a child-focused approach.

​Jan and Jillian's experience and background:

20 years of experience in Family Psychology
Masters of Counseling
Certified Professional Coaches
Certified Mediators
Certified Crisis Counselors 
Certified Deception Detection & Body Language Experts
Certified Micro-Expressions Experts

What you get when you enroll

Here Is What You 
Will Receive

  • 9 Video Modules

  • 65 Page Workbook

  • Healing Techniques

  • Boundary Badass Method

  • Self-Care and Self-Plant Guide

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"All I can say is I found peace! I had no idea I was taking on my ex's emotions. I can finally set boundaries with him and feel zero guilt. I no longer need to deal with the drama. 
Inner peace is priceless!" 


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Get Trauma to Triumph

Eliminate Pain, Stress, and Triggers

It doesn't matter if you were in an abusive marriage or have been experiencing unresolved trauma for years, this course will help you heal and find freedom.

While facing trauma isn't always easy, this is how you take your power back!
You'll finally have the freedom to no longer be triggered by others' behaviors.  

You'll finally feel a sense of relief and have a clear plan on how to heal and no longer give power to the past. 

This course will also give you all the insight and advice that your friends and family can't give you.

This one-of-a-kind program is going to save you lots of time and money. Healing doesn't have to be painful, stressful or years wasted in therapy. And, therapists won't tell you a lot of what we share because they don't specialize in proactive plans.

You will be able to successfully have the life you have always dreamed of on your terms. You'll no longer fear what others think or say about you. 

With over twenty years of experience in psychological healing and coaching, we ensure your needs are the top priority in finding peace. 

You'll have access to the course 24/7 so you can refer back to any of the audio or workbook when faced with stressful situations in life.  

This course will give you the exact tools to heal and take back your power when your family, ex, or others cross the line.

If you want to put an end to the unresolved wounds, triggers, and worries, then this course is specifically for you! 

"I finally feel free from my ex! The years of coercion and emotional abuse were detrimental to my life. I lost my self-worth and confidence. I didn't know the signs of post-traumatic stress and abuse, but I knew something was off. It was ruining my life. You can't put a price on emotional freedom. I now know I wasn't doing anything and it was my ex that had the problem."


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Get Trauma to Triumph


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Module 1: Unresolved Wounds

We welcome you to the course as you begin your healing journey. For years you have faced some painful experiences, leaving emotional and psychological scars that have felt like they have lasted a lifetime. This course is designed to help you master yourself, gain clarity and control, and understand your experiences with others who have self-projected onto you. It will bring you a deeper understanding as why some people are unhealthy for you, healing techniques, and how to break relational trauma.

Module 2: Recognizing Triggers

A trigger can be anything that sparks a memory of a past event. Being able to recognize specific triggers can help you create safety and security so you are able to prevent feeling emotionally flooded, powerless, physically ill, fearful or stuck. Knowing your personal limits can form greater self-awareness and bring a sense of comfort in making decisions that are authentic to you.

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Module 3: Overcoming Trauma Responses

Trauma responses are a way of protecting oneself to survive during times of uncertainty or danger. Getting out of survival mode and into thrive mode, where you feel heard and understood, will create a path of resilience, confidence, and purpose for you future. Releasing trauma will bring you a life freedom and fulfillment and healthier boundaries in your relationships.

Module 4: Emotional Regulation

Having self-soothing strategies for when challenges arise will give you the ability to manage emotions effectively and feel more in control of your choices and lifestyle. When we are able to manage, our emotions we no longer give power to others over our happiness. Discover the right healthy coping strategies that are a good fit for you to help process your emotions for inner peace.

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Module 5: Self-Love Mastery

A self-love plan is one of the greatest benefits to unlocking your greatest potential. It allows you to feel powerful and emotionally heal while being aligned to your authentic truth. You will have a stronger mental ability to overcome feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness and self doubt. You will build a healthy relationship with yourself and find greater overall happiness.

Module 6: Self-Care Solutions

Prioritizing your self-care plan will optimize your physical health and well-being. Making yourself a top priority in your life will give you the freedom to show up so you feel good and look good. Whether it's focusing on your nutrition, physical endurance, hygiene, or ability to care for your body, making the ultimate comeback can give you a deeper sense of security and confidence within yourself.

“The repetition of the days did somethin


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Module 7: Honoring Core Values

Core values create the ultimate foundation to thrive from each and everyday for greater alignment and clarity. Values are your roadmap to honoring your truth in relationships and personal fulfillment. Having a sense of direction will make decision-making easier in advocating for your needs and setting healthy boundaries.

Module 8: Discovery Questions

Discover why insightful questions are crucial for assessment and understanding, building deeper connections, and helping diffuse discord should someone trigger you or violate your boundaries. Discovery questions prevent assumptions, help you feel internally powerful during challenging conversations, buy you time to breathe, and help you resolve differences effectively while holding others accountable.

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Module 9: Setting Boundaries

Healthy boundaries honor your voice when bridging the gap between differences to create better alignment in your connections. Boundaries help you decide what you are wiling and unwilling to accept based on specific behaviors and allow you to maintain self-respect and receive mutual respect. Our Boundary Badass Method will help reduce relational trauma in the future all while staying true to you.

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Get Collaborative Coparenting

"Divorce turned my life upside down. I felt drained trying to work and care for my children. Learning to have a self-care routine has helped me regain courage and confidence as a father. Also, implementing boundaries has helped me feel more at ease and less stressed for myself and my kids." 


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Trauma to Triumph

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  • Self-paced, online learning that fits your schedule and needs

  • Expert-led modules, practical exercises, and real-life scenarios

  • Resources and tools for ongoing support beyond the course duration

  • Unlimited access to the course

Traum to Triumph

What You'll Get In This Course

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to this course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling in this course, you will have lifetime access to the course.



When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Even if you don't have time to go through all of the course content as soon as you enroll, you'll have lifetime access (as well as be 'grandfathered' into all future updates!)



Who is this course for?

Anyone who has experienced relational trauma and is ready to heal to find inner peace.



How long will it take to heal?

The healing journey looks different for every individual depending on the time commitment you can dedicate per week, personal experiences throughout your life cycles and individualized goals. If you are consistent and committed, you will begin to see a gradual shift in how you feel, be able to manage life with ease, set healthy boundaries where you are respected, and start to build healthy relationships.



What if I want a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the course (and our confidence that you will LOVE the program), NO refunds will be issued, under any circumstances. Please make sure that the course feels like a good fit for you, before enrolling.


Additional questions:

Please email

The Lifetime Value

Hire us as your 1:1 trauma coach for a few months                  Cost: $3,900

Trauma to Triumph Course                                                       Cost: $97

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