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Collaborative Coparenting

An At-Home Online Course To Peaceful And Proactive Coparenting

Turn Conflict Into Collaborative Coparenting

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  • Transition from couple to coparenting

  • Shutdown conflict immediately 

  • Take back your power and find peace

  • A complete parenting plan checklist

  • Set healthy boundaries 

  • Adjusting to two homes

  • When to introduce new partners

In this online course we will cover

This course was amazing! I learned so much. I recently started the divorce process when I found it. It really helped me transition and set boundaries with my ex. I finally feel like I'm getting my life back and no longer feel responsible for the guilt trips my ex puts on me. This has been a life saver! Thank you :)


Get Collaborative Coparenting
Dabbing in Water

Jan & Jillian Yuhas, MFT, CPC
Coparenting Coaches &
Family Mediators


This program is for coparents who are looking to transition from a marital relationship to a coparenting relationship and for those who have been parenting for years but are looking for a better way to reduce conflict and set healthy boundaries. 

Distance Learning

Best Interest of the Children

  • Gain clarity and have a plan

  • Create collaborative solutions

  • Establish healthy boundaries

  • Ease transitions between homes

  • Communicate with confidence 

  • Diffuse conflict quickly 

  • Create trust with your children

You will also gain

Here Is What You 
Will Receive:

Module 1: Transitioning Into Coparenting
Module 2: Parenting Plan Checklist
Module 3: Communication Tips
Module 4: High Conflict Responses
Module 5: Child-Parent Phone Calls
Module 6: Transitioning To Two Homes
Module 7:  Diffusing Conflict With Ease
Module 8: Valuable Confidence
Module 9: Setting Boundaries
Module 10: New Partners


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All I can say is wow! If your ex texts you demanding ultimatums all then you need this course! My ex likes to find anything to argue about. I applied the techniques and have learned how to shut it down before it escalates. My ex can no longer trigger me. I finally feel like I have my power back. This course is priceless and I'm forever grateful!


Get Collaborative Coparenting

Eliminate Stress, Worry and Fears

It doesn't matter if you're newly going through the divorce process or have been coparenting for years, this course will help you and your coparent peacefully transition.

You'll finally have the freedom to speak up, be heard, and understood by your coparent that is constructive and puts the kids first.

You'll finally feel a sense of relief and have a clear plan on how to handle coparenting conflict and find collaboration. 

You will aslo be able to say goodbye to being triggered by your coparent and achieve inner peace once and for all.

This one-of-a-kind program is going to save you lots of time and money. Coparenting doesn't have to be ugly, stressful or years wasted in therapy. And, your lawyer won't tell you a lot of what we share because they don't specialize in child development.

This course will also give you all the insight and advice that your friends and family can't give you.

You will be able to successfully create two healthy homes for the safety and security of your children!

With over twenty years of family coaching and mediation experience and a background in family psychology, we make sure your child's needs come first.  

This course if full of real-life examples from other coparents who are in the same position as you are - wanting to move on with their life and collaboratively coparent.

This course will give you the exact tools and phrases to use when your coparent is aggressive, manipulative, combative, or downright difficult and putting their needs before the children.

You'll have access to the course 24/7 so you can refer back to any of the videos or workbook when faced with a coparenting issue. 

While taking the high-road isn't always easy, this is how you take your power back! 

If you want to put an end to the stress, fears, and worries, then this course is specifically for you! 

I wish I had bought this course sooner. Family court is a headache. The parenting plan checklist alone gave me so much insight that the court mediator refused to allow us to include. As a mother, I have the right to protect my children. I even convinced my coparent to hire a private a mediator because it was better for our family's needs. 


Get Collaborative Coparenting
Get Collaborative Coparenting

My divorce came as a shock. I didn't know where to begin when it came to coparenting. This course gave me so many helpful tools. It's even given me confidence my kids will be okay as we make this transition. 



Module 1: Transitioning The Relationship

This module helps take you from marital status to a collaborative coparenting relationship

  • Discover why emotional regulation is key in coparenting

  • Why a parenting plan is a must-have

  • How communication will shift to child-centered

Module 2: Parenting Plan

Identifying the responsibility of decision-making to meet the children's needs and parenting tim

  • Itemized checklist of each decision you and your coparent will need to make

  • Discover what family court often leaves out of plans

  • Effective boundaries that respect your inner peace

Module 3: Communication Tips

Effectively shift from power struggle to business-like communication that is children-focused

  • Discover the three Cs of communication

  • How to respond versus emotionally react

  • Learn how to shutdown high-conflict attacks and false accusations

Module 4: Child-Parent Phone Calls

Being able to regulate your emotions is the first step to taking back your power and not longer giving power to past people or unsafe situations. You'll learn tools on how to regulate your emotions and create safety.

  • Discover how regulating your emotions is key in taking back your power

  • Learn to effectively manage your emotions with ease

  • Find inner peace with coping and healing techniques

Module 5: Self-Love Plan

Self-love is how you will reclaim your power and mentally heal. You'll learn now to build your self-worth and find inner peace and freedom through daily exercises. 

  • Create alignment to your truth and honor your needs

  • Mentally overcome your triggers and reset your mindset

  • No longer abandon your inner peace or feel unsafe

Module 6: Self-Care Plan

Self-care is how you physically heal and create a consistent routine of honoring your needs. Taking care of yourself gives you a secure place to operate from day to day.

  • Prioritize your self-care through daily techniques

  • Find activities that allow you to move through your emotions effectively 

  • Release stored trauma and feel a sense of freedom

Module 7: Core Values

Core values are the essential roadmap to creating alignment to your authentic truth and relationships in your life. They determine how to get your emotional needs met. 

  • Discover how core values meet your emotional needs

  • Learn why you need to know your values to set boundaries

  • Gain clarity by using your values a roadmap to life decisions

Module 8: Discovery Questions

Discovery questions are essential to assessing rather than assuming when uncovering facts in triggering situations. The more insight the easier it is for you decide your next step.

  • Learn how to use discovery questions to diffuse conflict or triggers with others

  • Why discovery questions allow you to assess before creating a response rather than an emotional reaction

  • Find out how they stop you from internalizing others' behaviors

Module 9: Setting Boundaries

Boundaries give you freedom and inner peace in protecting you from unwanted situations. It lets others know where you draw the line and what you are willing or unwilling to accept. They become your confident voice of reason in protecting your self.    

  • Respond confidently and effectively to triggers

  • Get your emotional needs met and own your self worth

  • Prevent unwanted trauma in the future

  • Create greater alignment with others in your life

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Jan and Jillian are dedicated to helping co-parents and families facing co-parenting complexities by amicably resolving disputes and increasing constructive communication for a peaceful resolution. They help families establish firm boundaries, evolve into their new lifestyle, support the psychological and emotional health of everyone involved, and create amicable co-parenting plans with a child-focused approach.


Jan and Jillian's experience and background:

  • Twenty years of experience in Family Psychology

  • Certified Professional Coaches

  • Certified Mediators

  • Certified Crisis Counselors 

  • Certified Deception Detection and Body Language Expert  

  • Certified Micro-Expressions Expert 

Collaborative Coparenting

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  • Gain inner peace and clarity

  • Let go of the past and move forward

  • Transition smoothly to coparenting

  • Set healthy coparenting boundaries 

  • Shutdown conflict once and for all

  • Create valuable alignment to meet the kids' needs

  • Effectively communicate with ease

Yes, I Want To Collaborate

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What You'll Get In This Course

24/7 Access To All Modules Videos

Do-It-Yourself Workbook Exercises

Communications Skills That Give You Confidence and Power

Powerful Boundary Badass Method 

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Trauma To Triumph
Believe In Me Children Workbooks 
Coercive Control 

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