Collaborative Coparenting

An At-Home Online Course To Peaceful And Proactive Coparenting

Turn conflict into collaborative coparenting

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  • Transition from couple to coparenting

  • Shutdown conflict immediately 

  • Take back your power and find peace

  • What not to leave out of a parenting plan 

  • Set healthy boundaries 

  • When to introduce new partners

In this online course we will cover

Get Collaborative Coparenting
Dabbing in Water

Jan & Jillian Yuhas, MFT, CPC
Coparenting Coaches and Family Mediators

This program is for coparents who are looking to transition from a marital relationship to a coparenting relationship and for those who have been parenting for years but are looking for a better way to reduce conflict and set healthy boundaries. 

Distance Learning

Best Interest of the children

  • Gain clarity and have a plan

  • Create collaboration

  • Establish healthy boundaries

  • Find acceptance with two homes

  • Communicate with confidence 

  • Diffuse conflict quickly 

You will also gain

Here Is What You 
Will Receive:

Module 1: Transitioning Into Coparenting
Module 2: Parenting Plan
Module 3: Communication Tips
Module 4: High Conflict Responses
Module 5: Child-Parent Phone Calls
Module 6: Two Homes
Module 7:  Diffusing Conflict 
Module 8: Coparenting Values
Module 9: Setting Boundaries
Module 10: New Partners



  • Self-care and Self-love workbook

  • Children's "I Believe In Me" workbooks

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Get Collaborative Coparenting

Eliminate Stress, Worry and Fears

It doesn't matter if you're newly going through the divorce process or have been coparenting for years, this course will help you and your coparent peacefully transition.

You'll finally feel a sense of relief and have a clear plan on how to handle coparenting conflict and find collaboration. 

This one-of-a-kind program is going to save you lots of time and money. Coparenting doesn't have to be ugly, stressful or years wasted in therapy. And, your lawyer won't tell you a lot of what we share because they don't specialize in child development.

With over twenty years of family coaching and mediation experience and a background in family psychology, we make sure your child's needs come first.  

This course will give you the exact tools and phrases to use when your coparent is aggressive, manipulative, combative, or downright difficult and putting their needs before the children.

While taking the high-road isn't always easy, this is how you take your power back! 

You'll finally have the freedom to speak up, be heard, and understood by your coparent that is constructive and puts the kids first.

You will aslo be able to say goodbye to being triggered by your coparent and achieve inner peace once and for all.

This course will also give you all the insight and advice that your friends and family can't give you.

You will be able to successfully create two healthy homes for the safety and security of your children!

This course if full of real-life examples from other coparents who are in the same position as you are - wanting to move on with their life and collaboratively coparent.

You'll have access to the course 24/7 so you can refer back to any of the videos or workbook when faced with a coparenting issue. 

If you want to put an end to the stress, fears, and worries, then this course is specifically for you! 

Get Collaborative Coparenting
Get Collaborative Coparenting