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Are you exhausted in dealing with a high-conflict co-parent? Or, are you newly divorced and not sure how to transition your relationship?

You want peace so you can move on...

You want the children to be put first...

You want resolutions and boundaries in place...

 We help compassionate co-parents set boundaries

with high-conflict co-parents 

Collaborative Agreements. Children-Focused. Clear Communications.


Achieve amicable solutions
that provide safety and security for your children


Voice your value set effective boundaries for inner peace


Create clear agreements that honor your children's development and needs


Some Common Issues Co-Parents Come To Us With:

 My co-parent and I are struggling with reimbursements and agreed upon child fees

 My co-parent and I can't agree on parenting time on anything and are stuck in a power struggle

 My co-parent and I have poor communication boundaries and they don't respect my parenting time

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"My ex and I were literally at war every day when I reached out to get help. We didn't see eye to eye on co-parenting decisions which led to us failing at placing our child first. Jan assisted us with better communication channels, thus eliminating the number of disagreements. It's made my life so much more peaceful knowing my ex and I can agree on things."


Co-Parenting is an essential component to creating STABLE and healthy environments for your children’s overall psychological development and physical growth within two households. Due to the complexity of co-parenting, parents may face challenges where they disagree on what’s best for their children or struggle to meet their children’s needs. When there is a lack of congruence between parenting styles, it can become confusing for the children to operate at their best.

Co-Parent Coaching can provide you with strategic SOLUTIONS to everyday parenting problems. When you have a step-by-step action plan implemented in both homes this allows for COLLABORATION in parenting styles. Throughout the coaching relationship, you, your co-parent and your coach will identify current problems, stressors, and challenges the family faces.

Co-parenting is not a competition, but a collaboration.

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Work through parenting differences and find solutions to opposing parenting styles

and power struggles.

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Create alignment through our  5C's of Communication method and establish healthy co-parenting boundaries. 

Three Friends

Create a transitional flow that meets the needs of the children as they find security in both of their new homes.

Collaborative Agreements
Clear Communications


Co-Parenting Coaching
Can Help you:

Provide a clear roadmap that is child-focused 

Develop a clear plan for financial responsibilities and commitments

Establish boundaries for communication and privacy

Outline decision making for medical, holidays, education, travel, and scheduling issues

Reduce power struggles and achieve inner peace 

How We Can Work Together:

Contact us today to begin co-parenting coaching
and find inner peace

As Certified Family Mediators, with a background in Family Psychology and Crisis Counseling, we work with our clients from the comfort of their own homes via Zoom.

We will establish the root of your co-parenting challenges, provide insight and creative solutions, set boundaries, and reach actionable agreements that best fit the interests of your children's development.

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