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I somehow stumbled across Divorce Family Mediation and Coaching via Instagram and was really inspired by the posts that I had seen. I contacted them via Instagram and set up an initial consultation, which was free and straight away I knew this service was exactly what I needed. As a mother of 2 myself experiencing separation, I knew that whatever happened within this process of separation I wanted our children to be as stable psychologically as possible. I knew we were going to have to coparent but I really had not idea how we were going to this in an amicable manner that worked for us. Especially as we live in different parts of the world. 


Jan was absolutely made for this role, she is extremely knowledgeable in this field and was able to offer suggestions and advice that I feel has absolutely benefitted myself and the children. I have seen a change in the children’s father which I really wasn’t expecting, however it just goes to show what one can achieve when the appropriate boundaries are implemented. 


I am really thankful that this service exists and I feel reassured that there is a sense of direction, this was an investment worth doing for my children.


Lorraine, Dubai

I was struggling with how to establish boundaries during divorce with my ex-wife. I didn't want to neglect the co-parenting relationship or my kids but it was challenging to transition until I reached out for coaching services. Now, things run smoothly and our kids are feeling more at peace going between two homes.


Steve, Chicago 

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Jillian has been great with my kids. They are gaining more

confidence after each session.


Megan, Indianapolis 

Eternally grateful for the progress we were able to make and the final outcome we reached with Jan's help. I was certain my ex would be adamant about going to court for custody, and while I was fairly confident things wouldn't pan out the way they wanted, I really didn't want to have to go through the process and dragging it out further (plus the funds it would take.) Jan was neutral, respectful and validating for both parties. I felt heard and I knew that my ex did as well despite things not going the way he had hoped with time-share, which was the game-changer. Jan had a way of validating his wants while still prioritizing our daughter's best interests to the best of her ability. She covered things I hadn't considered and presented possible situations in our future, thus enabling us to create a thorough and effective parenting plan that has already come in so handy to reference and fall back on. Should any adjustments be needed in the future, I will definitely be pushing to come back for additional services.


Angela, California 

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Our divorced family has been working with Jan for almost a year. Jan was able take us from daily fights to twice monthly coaching.  We are doing a much better job to understand our individual strengths/weaknesses and learn to accept the strengths/weaknesses  of the other house to find balance for the kids. Things are by no means perfect, but her coaching has brought us both to the table and kept the conversation going when we otherwise would have exploded and caused more fighting. I have hope by continuing to work with Jan we will stay on the path of good communication for the benefits of our children. 

Tammi, Utah

Jan was exactly the forward-thinking, solution-oriented person I needed in my camp while navigating through a high-conflict divorce transition. She provided me with various tools on how to deal with a high-conflict ex for co-parenting, including the setting of firm boundaries, creating a clear path forward, and most importantly helping me remain child-focused. She is a fearless and dedicated coach, and helped me in ways that therapists and attorneys could not. Her tactics have served me extremely well. 


 Jeff , San Diego


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Beautiful Girl

Jan is a godsend. I wish I met her sooner through my divorce process. She keeps me focused and sustained, and reminds me of our centralized goals. She helps me re-iterate the importance to my HCCP regarding keeping the children at hand, rather than our individual needs or wants. She helps me remove my personal feelings and focus on my kids. Through this process, I also felt very validated in my struggles. My attempts at cohesiveness and positive coparenting were thwarted by manipulations and selfishness from my HCCP, and Jan helps me keep contained and reminds me of my true focus. I can separate my personal healing work from what my kids need so that I don't feel so enmeshed with them. I also have an immediate professional support in Jan to help me re-frame things when my girls are struggling, and to keep things child-centered rather than trauma-centered or emotionally charged. I have also come to learn that I am only in control of what I do, say, and behave with my girls. I cannot control what he does, and my biggest task is to remain stable, calm, consistent, and safe for my girls, regardless of what he does. He has very little power over me since I've worked with Jan. 


 Hannah , Canada


Jillian and Jan were an absolute pleasure and delight to work with in co-parenting coaching. They were always insightful, unbiased and measured in their approach to working with me and my co-parent. I always appreciated when they were supportive and constructive. They provided clarity on the coercive control and supported me in how the tactics my co-parent was using were inappropriate and not supportive of a healthy relationship with the kids or myself. I am more prepared than ever to seek legal counsel when needed and set boundaries with my co-parent. 


 Cheryl , Massachusetts


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Jan helped me establish boundaries with my co-parent that I did not know were possible. She taught me the difference between productive co-parenting for my children, and dealing with a high conflict ex spouse's control tactics. I learned how to create clear lines of communication between myself and my ex, that most importantly, felt safe to me. After working with her, I feel more confident in myself, and have been able to focus on the most important thing, my children. I learned how to realign with my 5 core values, and have felt so much more calm and peaceful.


 Kerry, North Carolina


I'm really happy with the help I received from Jan. I contacted Jan and Jillian a few months after the divorce was finalized, when my co-parent stopped taking the children to their agreed upon activities. When I saw how that event impacted my kids, I knew I needed help for them, and for me. At the beginning I was emotionally triggered by every piece of communication I received from the HCCP and was afraid to bring up issues because of how he would react. The weekly calls were so beneficial in helping me understand what I was experiencing, helping me understand the high conflict dynamic and how to stay out of it. I feel confident knowing that I can handle the high conflict communication that comes my way and how to stay out of his cycle. I feel like I have more emotional and mental bandwidth, which is helping me be a more patient mother to my children and better support them through it all.


 Misty, California


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I definitely feel more at peace and more confident in my communication with my coparent. While my situation isn't horrendous, it was SO helpful to have a third party assess my experience so that I don't feel crazy and isolated. Validation goes a long way in becoming less triggered and creating healthy emotional distance. Jan has been the most helpful person I have brought into my journey and I'm very thankful for that. I will most likely be calling again since my process is going to take a couple years.


 Linette, Switzerland 


I was having a difficult time coming to agreements with my co-parent. We were both emotionally reactive and caught in a power struggle. After working with Jan, I feel much more confident in handling high-conflict situations and how to emotionally separate from the outcome. Our co-parenting communications are more stream-lined, consistent and respectful. I also feel more capable of helping my son cope throughout the co-parenting process.


 Chrissy, Pennsylvania 


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Ever since using mediation and fixing our parenting plan everything has been so much more relaxed. The girls even seem more relaxed. Love all the resources your platforms share. Thank you, Jillian.


 Dahlia, Colorado 


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