Divorce is often a difficult and painful process to endure. A relationship that once provided certainty is no longer a place of support and stability. Not only can it be stressful, but facing the unknowns and issues alone can heighten the effects it has on one's emotional state.

We are here to assist you and your spouse in reducing the uncertainty throughout the divorce process while strategically creating a peaceful plan that works efficiently and effectively. As the neutral party, we can assure your parenting agreement will meet the needs of both parents, as well as, the welfare of the children. 

Throughout the mediation, we will implement constructive communication and strive for an amicable agreement, which serves both you and your spouse. Our goal is to help each party reach a parenting agreement and address any concerns while working collaboratively throughout the divorce process. 





    • Safety of the children comes first in a divorce settlement, as we want to avoid disrupting their developmental childhood years. Protecting your children from the court, meetings with divorce attorneys and witnessing discord can help prevent emotional damage and unnecessary exposure to adulthood situations. Mediation can help keep your children happier during this transitional period, while you and your spouse avoid financial court fees and additional emotional distress. Both parties will experience more confidence in their decision-making process and have the final say over the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, not a judge. 


    • The process is fairly flexible, as open communication channels are encouraged between all parties in determining what works best for the family. When working collectively in a respectful manner, solutions come amicably. Your parenting plan can created from the very comfort of your own home with a quick turn around. 


    • The average cost of a divorce is $25,000 to $50,000 when going through litigation. Mediation, on the other hand, can cost a fraction of that when using a trusted mediator. The process is much quicker saving you monies and time. 


    • Mediation enables you and your spouse to keep your personal matters in a confidential room, unlike a public courtroom. All communication is kept private between the parties during mediation. This can ease the stressful tension associated with divorce as your business is your business, not a public notice. 


    • Couples who use mediation as their source for a parenting plan are more likely to comply with their agreement. This is due to having certainty and clarity when creating the agreement, rather than abiding by the orders of a judge. 


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