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Divorce or separation is often a difficult and painful process to endure. A relationship that once provided certainty is no longer a place of support and stability. It can be very stressful for you and your ex-partner, but facing the unknowns and issues alone can heighten the effects it has on one's emotional state, including your children.

We are here to assist you and your ex-partner in providing CERTAINTY and STABILITY throughout the divorce/separation process while strategically creating a peaceful parenting PLAN. As a neutral party, we can assure your parenting agreement will meet the needs of both parents, as well as, the emotional and psychological well-being of the children. 

Some Common Issues Parents Come To Us With:

  • Inability to agree on parenting styles and scheduling 

  • Newly separated and need an agreement to outline parenting time

  • Prevention of parental alienation from important events and activities

  • Lack of respect in regard to what is best for the children

  • Poor boundaries when introducing a new partner

  • Inability to communicate with children outside of parenting time


"My ex and I had been married for over ten years with two children. We knew our marriage was over but we wanted our children to have a relationship with both of us. We heard from a few trusted friends who had previously got a divorce to try mediation first. After our first mediation session, I felt more at ease having our parenting plan in the works. Once we completed the whole process, my ex and I could contribute to our children's college funds due to the financial resources we saved choosing mediation. I highly recommend Jan and Jillian as they co-mediate which gives you a feeling its neutral at all times because they work in what's in the best of everyone."



Create alignment with your

co-parent to benefit the emotional and psychological development of your children.


Increase constructive communication and eliminate scheduling conflicts through healthy boundaries.


Clarify financial, schooling, extracurricular activity responsibilities, and the introduction of new partners.

A Parenting Plan Can Help You:

  • Find collaboration in parenting styles and scheduling

  • Have a clear outline of parenting time and holiday schedules

  • Constructive solutions to attending important events and activities

  • Putting the best interest of the children first

  • Establish boundaries on a new partner entering the home

  • Communication solutions with children outside of parenting time

  • Clear responsibilities for the children's finances, education, and medical 


How We Can Work Together:

As Family Mediators, with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Mediators, we work with our clients from the comfort of their own homes via Zoom. We will establish the root of your co-parenting challenges, provide insight, and achieve an actionable agreement that best fits the interests of your family and children's emotional and psychological development. 

Contact us today to Create A Parenting plan is right for you and your family.