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Are you exhausted from constantly defending yourself against your co-parent's false accusations?  Are tired of the kids being emotionally stuck in the middle?

You want freedom so you can live your life...

You want the children to be put first...

You want resolutions and boundaries in place...

 We help compassionate co-parents communicate and strategize their case with high-conflict co-parents

Clear Boundaries. Children-Focused. Corroboration.


Achieve amicable solutions
that provide safety and security for your children


Voice your value set effective boundaries for inner peace


Documentation of contempt, neglect of children, and psychological manipulation


Some Common Issues Co-Parents Come To Us With:

 My co-parent refuses to pay for the children's well-being, medical, and activities 

 My co-parent is continuously in contempt of the parenting plan and withholds the children  

 My co-parent emotionally and psychologically manipulates me and weaponizes the children

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"My ex would gaslit me daily, slander me to my daughter, and even booked vacations on my parenting time for two weeks straight. I had had enough when I reached out. Jan, my coach, helped me document the constant emotional manipulation of me and my child and contempt of the parenting plan. I then gave everything over to my attorney to file. I gained so much freedom and knowledge in working with her. I'm no longer triggered by my co-parent and I know my daughter is going to be safer now. We are still awaiting triad."


You may feel powerless and helpless, unable to escape the control and manipulation of your co-parent. Your co-parent may use a variety of tactics, such as intimidation, weaponizing, gaslighting, and withholding finances to control every aspect of your life. You may feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells, trying to avoid triggering a tirade of messages from them.

Coercive Control Coaching can provide you with strategic SOLUTIONS for the constant false accusations. Documentation of contempt, psychological abuse, parentification, and neglect of the child's well-being. Throughout the coaching relationship, you and your coach will identify current problems, establish boundaries, and regain your sense of confidence and FREEDOM.

Coercive Control is like being trapped in a maze with no clear way to escape. 

Young Mother

Work through parenting differences and find solutions to opposing parenting styles

and power struggles.

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Documentation of manipulation, neglect of children, parentification, and

contempt findings

Mother and a Child

Establish clear boundaries for privacy, communication,

and integrity

Clear Boundaries


coercive control Coaching
Can Help you:

Find freedom from the daily manipulation and gaslighting

Document clear evidence to support your case when filing for parenting time or contempt

Establish firm boundaries for communication and privacy

Communication skills to back the coercive co-parent into a corner and hold them accountable

Build greater trust with your children to counter the emotional and psychological abuse

How We Can Work Together:

Contact us today to begin coercive control coaching
and find freedom

As Certified Family Mediators, with a background in Family Psychology and Crisis Counseling, we work with our clients from the comfort of their own homes via Zoom.

We will establish the root of your co-parenting challenges, provide insight and creative solutions, set boundaries, and reach actionable agreements that best fit the interests of your children's development.

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