• Divorce can bring on a rollercoaster of emotions which can prevent one from making positive life decisions during an emotionally heightened time. Learning to understand your feelings and identify the importance of your relationship with yourself can cultivate the health of all your relationships, whether staying in the marriage or becoming a divorcee. Our coaching will help you work through the positives and negatives of each situation to help you determine what’s best for you. Whether is disconnecting with your old life or creating a new life, we will guide you throughout the process.


    • A relationship that no longer provides stability and security today can leave you feeling unsafe in regards to living arrangements, financial security, co-parenting, and/or emotional support. During our coaching sessions, we will create an action plan to help you overcome any fears or contingencies you may encounter during this life transition. Your action plan will give you clarity for your future, creating more certainty for yourself today.


    • It can be stressful to find your footings in this world, as what you have known for so long, no longer serves a purpose. Learning to find positive outlets and organizations can help induce self-discovery while giving you a place to thrive from on a day to day basis. Our coaching will help you identify things on your bucket list you have always wanted to explore, such as new hobbies and interests, and/or finally living a life full of self-love and self-worth. By reconnecting with your core values, you will find a safe and secure place with yourself.


    • Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or have lost your job due to unforeseen circumstances, our coaching can help you create a top-notch resume, explore career possibilities and opportunities, all while identifying objections you may encounter during an interview when seeking employment. We can assure you, we will help you achieve your dream job and get back on your feet.


    • When communicating with a spouse or ex-spouse, emotional drama can follow due to the current stressors that come with the split of an intimate relationship. Our Boundary Badass program and Confidently You  programs from our sister company will prepare you for any situation or topic of conversation with renewed confidence.


    • Timing is everything! If you are divorced and considering dating after divorce, we will help you navigate modern dating, from online to offline. After studying modern dating and intimate relationships for many years, we give you all the insider secrets to being successful at finding true-blue love again.


Divorce Coaching helps you focus on your current situation of whether you are considering a divorce or moving forward after a divorce and defining your future goals. Coaching allows you to explore your feelings and needs while simplifying the decision-making process.

Going through a life transition can lead to various setbacks resulting in an overwhelming response of emotion. Throughout the interactive relationship with your coach, they will assist you in making healthy choices and defining a new path that meets your goals. When you commit to your personal growth and trust the coaching process, you will see how it greatly impacts your lifestyle in a healthier and happier way. Divorce doesn't have to define you. 

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