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Divorce Coaching focuses on your current transitional phase of how to move FORWARD after divorce and by defining your new lifestyle goals. Coaching allows you to explore your feelings, gain CLARITY, and meet your needs while simplifying the decision-making process.

Going through a life transition can lead to various setbacks resulting in an overwhelming response of emotion. The interactive relationship with your coach will assist in making healthier choices, defining your new path, and LETTING GO of what no longer serves a purpose. When you commit to your personal growth and trust the process, you will reap the impact it has on creating your new fulfilling lifestyle.

Some Common Issues Divorcé Come To Us With:

  • The struggle of letting go of your old lifestyle

  • Having the confidence to enter the workforce or transition careers

  • Establishing a self-care and self-love regimen

  • Adjusting to living on a single income or paying child support

  • Trusting the process of finding love again

  • Overcoming power struggles with a co-parent

  • Redefining your new lifestyle vision based on your values

  • Releasing the guilt of divorce

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"I felt so lost going through the divorce process. I didn’t know what to ask for or what rights I had to our marital assets. At the same time, I was trying to move on. But, realized I was getting in my own way from being able to heal. I didn’t want to be with my ex as our divorce was mutual, yet for some reason, his selfishness would trigger me when it came to co-parenting. Working with my divorce coach, Jillian, I was able to let go and focus on what was best for myself and my daughter. I found myself being able to heal and just breathe again. She really helped guide me and listened when my anxiety was through the roof. She provided an outlet without judgment which felt safe. She was able to ease my mind with clarity and give me the communicational tools to co-parent with my ex more effectively."


"Going through my second divorce was pretty painful. I didn't expect things to be as hard as I had been through this once before. But having kids with my ex made things more challenging because I didn't want to impact their childhood. Working with my coach helped my transition and give me peace of mind knowing my kids are going to be okay and we can still have family nights even if it's just me and the kids. Also, helping navigate tough conversations with my ex became less stressful without the fighting. We focus on the kids and that's it."


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Let go of what no longer serves a purpose in your life and redefine your new vision that will bring you fulfillment and happiness.

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Connect to your core values and gain clarity. Owning your worth will be vital as you heal and begin dating again. 

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Create financial security as a single parent and successfully balance your parental responsibilities and

personal interests.

Divorce Coaching Can

Help You:

  • Create a fulfilling new lifestyle

  • Feel confident to enter the workforce and prep for interviews

  • Live financially stress-free regardless of financial commitments

  • Believe you are worthy of love again 

  • Communicate constructively with a co-parent

  • Boost your confidence and own your self-worth

  • Operate from your values versus emotions to achieve happiness

  • Feel inner peace on your life path


How You Can Work With us:

As Divorce Coaches, with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Coaches, we work with divorcé clients from the comfort of their own home via Zoom or phone. During our weekly one-hour calls we will establish the root of what is keeping you stuck, provide insight, and implement tools to achieve solutions that best fit your new lifestyle and emotional well-being. 


Contact us today to see if Divorce Coaching

is right for you.