Every family is unique in establishing its own fundamental structure. And, while each family experiences various dynamics, each individual also brings their own perspective to the relationships within the family unit. When an alignment is not achievable within family relations, then an impasse may occur. During an impasse, it can be challenging to make vital decisions as a family to achieve a healthy structure. At this time, family mediation may be the best solution for you and your family. 

Family members voluntarily agree as part of the process to work collaboratively and transparently with one another. This allows for openness and cohesion, encouraging each family member to focus on strategizing solutions in resolving the current issue at hand in order to reach an agreement. 


Family mediation is suitable for pre-marital agreements, marital conflict, family meetings, adult siblings, parent(s) and children, co-parenting, and extended family members. 





  • CHILDREN-CENTERED (if a part of the mediation)

    • The safety of young children comes first during a family conflict, as we want to avoid disrupting their developmental years. Protecting children from discord can help prevent mental health complications and the regression of their physical development. Creating alignment with your children increases their participation within the family and reduces any distress placed on them. Mediation can help rebuild the family structure to support the overall functioning and health of the family.


    • With family mediation, you and your family member(s) can establish strategic solutions to any contingencies from a non-confrontational nature. The process is fairly flexible, as open communication channels are encouraged between all parties to reach a resolution. Throughout the mediation, you have the chance to be heard and make decisions collaboratively as a family.


    • A trusted mediator helps you and your family work through painful problems in a timely manner, making it more cost-effective than other alternative solutions. You can reach a mutually beneficial solution in one to three sessions, making it feasible for most. 


    • Mediation enables you and your family member(s) to keep your personal matters in a confidential, safe room. All communication is private between the parties and mediator to protect the relationships of those involved. This can help ease stressful tension as your personal matters are only shared between you and your family members. 


    • Family members who are going through challenges are more likely to comply with their agreement, given they are the authors of the agreement. It's much easier to abide by an agreement you were a part of them then be told how to proceed from an outside source. 



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