Family at a Beach


Every family is unique to their disagreements. And, while each family experiences various dynamics, each individual also brings their own PERSPECTIVE to the relationships within the family unit. When alignment is not achievable for the family members or couple, then an impasse may occur. During an impasse, it can be challenging to make vital DECISIONS as a family to achieve a healthy structure or dissolution agreement. At this time, family mediation may be the best SOLUTION for you and your family to ensure your privacy and a win-win outcome. 

Some Common Issues Families Come To Us With:

  • Inability to reach an agreement when facing family discord 

  • Disputes regarding family budget, inheritance, and property

  • Exploration of separation and marital issues

  • Negotiation of the family business

  • Family decisions regarding elder care


"My siblings and I inherited a family business from our father. Unfortunately, we didn't see eye to eye on how to grow the business. One of my brothers didn't want any part of the company but still wanted his cut of the profits. We had to restructure the company but also savior our relationship as it was on the rocks from the stress. We are in a much better place and everyone gets along at family functions. Thank you for helping my family."


Family Visit

Peaceful resolutions that meet the needs of the family without damaging relationships.

Women in Workshop

Confidential and contractual agreements that ensure amicable business relations.

Family at a Beach

Convient and timely collaboratatve decisions that ensure the well-being of each family member. 

Family Mediaton Can
Help Resolve:

  • Reach resolution to cultivate healthy, family relationships

  • Develop an amicable plan regarding family finances

  • Establish agreements during a separation or marital dispute

  • Create contractural agreements for a family business

  • Choose decisions that have all family members best interest


How We Can Work Together:

As Family Mediators, with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Mediators, we work with our clients from the comfort of their own homes via Zoom. We will establish the root of your family or marital challenges, provide insight, and achieve actionable agreements that best fit the interests of your family relationships.

Contact us today to see if Family Mediation is 

right for you and your family.