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In family court proceedings, written documentation and evidence play a pivotal role in substantiating claims and determining the best interests of the children involved. When allegations of abuse or concerns about a co-parent's ability to prioritize the children's well-being arise, thorough psychological analysis of written materials can provide invaluable insights.

You want respect so you can live your life...

You want safety and protection for your children...

You want resolutions and boundaries in place...

 We help compassionate co-parents document, strategize their case, and position evidence to protect their children

Solid Evidence. Psychological Analysis. Firm Strategy.


Analyze all relevant documentation, including emails, text messages, social media posts, and other written evidence


Uncover patterns of manipulation, coercion, or aggression that may indicate an unsafe environment for the children.



We provide accurate and unbiased assessments that contribute to strategy and decision-making in family court proceedings.

Some Common Issues Co-Parents Come To Us With:

 My co-parent withholds finances and support to care for the children's well-being

 My co-parent is continuously manipulating and twisting communication to deflect from accountability  

 My co-parent emotionally and psychologically weaponizes the children and withhold decisons


"From the outset, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of the dynamics at play in cases involving narcissistic personalities. Their thorough psychological analysis uncovered patterns of manipulation, gaslighting, and emotional abuse that had previously gone unnoticed or unacknowledged. With clarity and precision, they helped me articulate the subtle yet pervasive ways in which my ex-spouse's behavior was detrimental to our children's well-being. Armed with this invaluable insight, I felt empowered to navigate the complexities of the family court system with newfound confidence. "


You may feel powerless and helpless, unable to escape the projections, deflection, and blame-shifting of your co-parent. Your co-parent may use a variety of tactics, such as intimidation, weaponizing, withholding finances or neglecting the children's care only to make it look like it's your fault.  You may feel like you are constantly getting the script flipped on you, when all you want is the kids to be safe and taken care of. 

Documentation Analysis can provide you with psychological insights, analysis for court, strategy for your case, and a profile of who your co-parent is based on behaviors.   Documentation will cover contempt, forms of abuse, parentification, infringement, neglect of the child's well-being, and blocked communications. Throughout the process, you and your coach will identify how to word evidence, paint a clear picture of unhealthy behaviors, document evidence, and communicate with your legal team. 

Read between the lines, the most important things are often left unsaid.   

Young Mother

We examine written evidence with the potential effects of abusive behavior or toxic dynamics on the well-being of the children,

providing a holistic perspective that

considers their emotional and

developmental needs.

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

 This process enables us to gain insights into the mental state, emotional stability, and relational dynamics of the individuals involved, shedding light on any concerning patterns or red flags.

Mother and a Child

Our expert analysts assess the content, tone, and context of these materials to uncover patterns of behavior and identify potential indicators of abuse or neglect.

Solid Evidence
Psychological Analysis

Firm Strategy


Documentation Anyalysis
Can Help you:

Navigate the complexities of the family court system confidently

Illuminated the true nature of the abusive behavior for the court

Uncovered subtle yet pervasive behaviors detrimental to children's well-being

Discover the exact language needed to best strategize evidence for your case

Communicate effectively with your legal team in the best interests of your children

How We Can Work Together:

Contact us today to begin Documentation Analysis

As Certified Family Mediators, with a background in Family Psychology and Crisis Counseling, we work with our clients from the comfort of their own homes via Zoom.

We will provide you with insightful analysis of your situation, craft compelling court language, develop strategic positioning for your case, create an assessment profile of your co-parent, and prioritize the safety and development of your children.

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