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Children coaching is an essential component to UNDERSTANDING your child's emotional and psychological development when experiencing the transitional phase of divorce and after. Due to the complexity of divorce, children may face emotional challenges, a lack of security, struggle to communicate their FEELINGS, blame themselves, avoid transitioning between two homes, reject mom or dad's new partner, or how to adapt to a new family dynamic and school environment. 


​Children coaching can provide children with SELF-SOOTHING techniques, positive mindest exercises to everyday emotional needs, effective communication with parents, overcoming disruptive behaviors, and effectively establish a healthy self- esteem.  

Some Common Issues Parents Come To Us With about their child:

  • Struggling to adapt to a new home or school

  • Unable to connect with one of their parents or make friends

  • Feeling rejected by a parent 

  • Blaming themselves for the divorce 

  • Inability to focus and complete school assignments 

  • Experience a conflictual relationship with a new step-parent

  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence 

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"My son was having a tough time at home, as my ex would talk about co-parenting issues around him. He would get upset easily, being a highly sensitive child. I would try to help him understand his dad doesn’t mean what he says, but he would carry the anger around the house for days. This started to affect his school work and how he felt about himself. That’s when I decided to get him a coach to help him talk about what he was feeling. His coach gave him some tools to help him process and manage his feelings. Since, having a coach, his school performance has improved and he seems to be less reactive when something bothers him. I’m so proud of him for overcoming these challenges, and he still does coaching check-ins with his coach here and there to keep up with his progress"


~Christine, Blake’s mom

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Boost internal confidence and self-esteem by overcoming limiting beliefs of self-blame and feelings of rejection.

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Develop self-soothing techniques and tools when they are feeling distressed from school work, peer pressure, or transitioning between both parental homes.

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Establish healthy communication channels with both parents, effectively deal with discomfort and discord, and achieve lifestyle goals. 

Children Coaching Can Help Your Child:

  • Adapt to a new home or school environment

  • Develop social skills to make new friends

  • Feel secure and find self-acceptance

  • Strive towards hobbies and goals

  • Develop strong relationships with both parents

  • Communicate their needs to feel respected


How We Can Work Together:

As Children Coaches, with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Coaches, we work with children clients from the comfort of their own home via Zoom. During our weekly 1-hour calls we will establish the root of their emotional and developmental challenges, provide insight, and implement tools to achieve solutions that best fit the interests of the child. 


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