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How To Embrace The Law Of Release

Are you still…

Wishing you lived in your marital home you designed?

Dreaming about the vacations you used to go on as a family?

Praying for the financial security you once had?

Thinking about the memories you shared together?

Living in the past or the future will continuously breed a pathway of unhappiness in your new lifestyle. While the heartache of divorce isn’t an easy road, you can and will be able to rebuild a new you. But, first you have to release what no longer serves a purpose in your life today, including your old vision.

Often it’s not even your ex that you’re struggling to let go of, but the vision of the lifestyle you once shared together. The feelings of being in love, having a partner to call home, and the warmth of your family all under one roof.

Then, a tornado struck and shook your life upside down leaving you utterly vulnerable. But with every storm comes a clear new vision for the love and light to shine through and guide you on your beautiful journey.

Here Are Three Steps To Embracing The Law Of Release:

1. Create A Vision Board Of Your New Lifestyle

Holding on to an old vision will keep you complacent and emotionally exhausted. It’s like driving a car and getting stuck in the mud with the tires spinning until you dig yourself deeper to the point you have to hire a tow truck to get you out. It’s an endless cycle of going nowhere.

It’s time to embrace the new you.

This may sound too good to be true, but putting your goals on paper is the first step to manifesting them into your new reality. Whether you use pinterest or old school cutouts on a corkboard, begin creating your collage of images of how you will envision your new life. What will your new home look like? Do you want to start a new career or a hobby? Will a new fitness routine become a part of your self-care? Whatever inspires you, place it on your vision board.

2. Redefine Your Goals

Creating new goals in your life will keep your energy focused on the present and working towards your new lifestyle. Striving towards your goals is the quickest way to give yourself a confidence boost, put your energy into something worthy and positive, as well as achieving fulfillment in your new lifestyle.

Goals help overcome lulls.

More than likely each image you placed on your vision board in step one will be a new goal you want to achieve. Additionally, you’ll want to create three actionable steps or strategies that apply to each goal you want to achieve. This keeps the momentum flowing and growing in order to reach your goals.

Also, make sure your goals are attainable. We often see individuals setting goals that are many years out or are completely unattainable with where they are at now in life. This only hinders the process and creates discouragement when you don’t achieve them quickly enough or at all. It’s best to start with smaller goals and work your way up to bigger goals.

3. Forgiveness To Freedom

You may have no desire to forgive your ex-spouse for the agony you have faced through the divorce, but this will be essential to releasing the past and pent up emotions. While it may seem challenging at first, understanding forgiveness will help you reach happiness.

To clarify, forgiveness doesn’t mean:

  • Accepting malicious behavior and excusing another person’s actions

  • You have to forget your feelings about that person

  • You have to tell the person they are forgiven

  • The other person still has to be in your life (unless co-parenting)

  • Everything is going to be okay now between you and the other person

Release what no longer serves a purpose.

By finding forgiveness, you are coming to terms with the dissolution of your relationship and acknowledging it was only one chapter in your life and you’re ready to turn the new page to a new chapter. This is the quickest way to set your heart free to focus on what brings you happiness from within.

A few ways to release past emotions in order to have freedom are through journaling just ten minutes a day, deep breathing exercises, or meditation. This will help clear your mind and work through the painful emotions you may have experienced so you can create your happiness again.

If you find yourself struggling to embrace the law of release, we are always here to help and guide you further on your healing to happiness journey. Please send a message, as we welcome you with open and warm arms.


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