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How Do You Financially Make It Work As A Single Parent?

Being a single parent can come with extra financial responsibilities. It can make living a bit challenging yet also worth exploring a new beginning. So how to you meet your financial means to adapt to your new lifestyle? 

  • Calculate Your Monthly Income + Child Support 

  • Make An Itemized List of All Monthly Expenses

  • Based on Itemized List, separate into two categories: negotiables and non-negotiables 

  • Does your Monthly Income cover the non-negotiable expenses? 

  • If you can’t eliminate any of the non-negotiables, then how can you generate another source of income to make ends meet? Do you have a talent or creative ability to sell something online or offer professional services? 

If one of the non-negotiables is childcare, is there another single parent who can help out in exchange for your expert services or can you split childcare fees by hiring a shared sitter? Or take turns watching each other’s kids for date night? 

  • Are there any negotiables expenses that you can live without? Like salon services, cable television, ordering in food etc.

  • What negotiable would you like to keep each month as part of self-care? And, how will you be able to generate the income to cover your personal expenses that are pertinent to your overall health? A healthy parent = healthy children

  • Overwhelmed by the math? DM us to set up a consult today! 

We help single parents to get back on track after a divorce to meet their financial means and allocate funds for leisurely spending to enjoy their new lifestyle.


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