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10 Winter Activities For The Whole Family To Enjoy

With the start to a new year, celebrating holidays, and beautiful snowy views, Wintertime definitely has its perks. But the change in weather brings its own set of challenges, like a lack of motivation or temptation to hibernate - figuratively speaking.

The onset of Winter does not mean that family fun has to stop! In fact, this is a great time for family-friendly activities that can help cure anyone’s seasonal boredom.

Here Are 10 Activities That Your Family Can Do This Winter:

1. Bake Together

Baking is a great way to bring your family together. You can teach your children the values of teamwork and patience all while having fun. Find a recipe online and whip up a batch of cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. You can also turn this into a friendly competition. Have each family member decorate their cookie or cupcake, and vote on their favorites in taste and decorating categories. Make a few extra batches, and you have easy holiday gifts for the neighbors as well.

2. Volunteer As A Family

There are plenty of community activities that welcome help, especially around the holiday season. Check your children’s school district to find out if they might be running an online fundraiser for students and teachers. Also, you can check with local organizations such as soup kitchens or food banks for volunteer opportunities.

Even if you cannot physically be there, many organizations take donations. With the coming of new gifts, spend some time going through old clothes and toys and donate a few bags to a local shelter or non-profit. Volunteering is a great way to teach your children compassion and gratitude.

3.Decorate The House

Give the house some extra festivity with homemade decorations. Paper snowflakes are easy to make and give your home a unique look. This is also a good time to unbox old holiday decorations and have the whole family participate in making the house look great.

4.Have A Game Night

Gather your family for a game night with some of your favorite board games, card games, or puzzles. This can facilitate some light-hearted competition between family members - you can even set an incentive for winning. Playing games is a great way to spend quality time with family, ultimately improving your relationships with each other. Having a game night is also beneficial for your children because it teaches concepts like fair play, taking turns, and how to win or lose with grace.

5.Watch A Movie

Watch one family favorite or turn the night into a full movie marathon. Grab blankets, pop some popcorn, and find a few movies that everyone will love. End the night by discussing the movies and what you all learned from them. Family movie night is not only a great way to cure boredom, it is also an opportunity to create memories that you will cherish forever.

6.Go For A Walk

If you are up for braving the cold, this is the right activity for you. Rather than staying indoors, take it outside to soak up some fresh air and sunlight. Bundle up and go on a walk close to home with the family. You can make this more interesting by planning a scavenger hunt for your children around your neighborhood.

7.Try Crafting

Feeling artistic? Try your hand at crafting. You and your children could make a Winter inspired centerpiece for the dining table or a wreath to hang on your front door for the rest of the season. These crafts can even make great personalized gifts for friends and family.

Crafting is also quite beneficial for your children’s development. It helps them express themselves, improves motor skills, and helps provide a positive outlet for them to channel their creativity and energy into.

8. Make Holiday Cards

Writing holiday cards is typically something that parents do, but getting the whole family involved can make the message all the more meaningful. Send some holiday cheer to loved ones this year by making personalized cards. Have your children sign their name, write a personalized message, or decorate the front to create a unique card for each of your friends and family. Handmade cards tell your loved ones that you put thought and care into its creation.

9. Take A Road Trip

You do not have to go far or spend a ton of money to create a memorable trip with your family. Try adventuring to another part of your city. In the spirit of the holidays, drive to your nearest Winter escape if snow does not fall in your city. You can keep yourself and your children entertained by playing car games and taking pictures along the way.

10. Cook A Meal Together

Cooking together helps build closer relationships with your family. Take some time away from screens and dedicate a few hours to make dinner that everyone can enjoy together. This is a great time to connect as everyone can talk about their day and build happy family memories. While children may prefer to watch TV or play video games, helping out in the kitchen can help teach them to prioritize family as they grow up.


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