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How Getting Divorced Brought One Mom Back To Life

Never in a million years did Megan imagine she would be a divorced mother raising two small children in a tiny house out in the middle of nowhere. What had she signed up for? Had she lost her senses from the turmoil of her divorce? How was a single mother going to find her footing to survive in the wilderness while healing and nurturing two little ones who needed her full attention?

Find out, as we share Megan’s ultimate comeback story and how it became one of the greatest adventures of her life.

Megan, a mother of two children, and a business owner at The Tiny Rosehip, where you can personally live in her tiny home too, set out for the unknown right after her divorce. She didn’t have much of a plan and never dreamed of having her own tiny house, but she was ready to embrace what was right in “front of me”, according to Megan.

“I didn’t want to cover up with more stuff, more furniture, more kitchen equipment, more clothes in a closet. That wasn’t going to help me have the actual conversations I needed to be had. Filling rooms had become more important than filling my heart.”

But how would she begin to fill her heart was the ultimate question?

Megan and her children lived in a ‘trailer’ for about eight weeks out in Golden, British Columbia and until their custom tiny house arrived. Megan never imagined the details that went into customizing her tiny house, but she learned a lot along the way. Storage and minimalism were key in such a tiny space.

Once the tiny arrived Megan and her kids embraced the next twelve weeks in the middle of the mountains.

5 Benefits To Embrace On A Healing Journey In The Mountains:

1.Fearlessly Forging Ahead

Megan quickly found out that she and her children can do anything they set their hearts to.

Pain has a way of keeping someone stuck and divorce is no different from that process. When you continue to fight the letting go process and moving forward, you continue to hold yourself back from achieving happiness. Fearlessly leaving the past behind may be the scariest thing for you right now, but getting out of your thoughts and forging ahead one day, one step at a time will allow you to achieve healing and growth.

2. Gratitude Is The New Attitude

Megan came to accept nothing in life is permanent, including relationships, feelings, things, and experiences.

Finding acceptance with who you and where you’re at in life will set you free. If you fight, you only create an internal battlefield that will fill you with guilt, anguish, and heartache. The reality is this is no longer your life. Accepting right where you are and embracing the beauty of the present will give you the pleasure of simplicity and happiness.

3.Outside Perspective Is Welcomed

“Everyone will tell you their opinions and what their vision of life is based on their experience. It will feel like judgment, but it’s not.” - Megan

While everyone’s divorce is unique to them, this doesn’t mean you cannot learn from others who may have been through a similar situation or experience. It can actually be comforting to have the support of friends, family, or a divorcee in the same position you are in. Being able to share your story and hear others share theirs allows for understanding, clarity, and new ideas to come about that you may not have considered before.

4. Quality Time Is All You Need

Megan and her children were used to keeping busy with stuff and often disengaged from each other. Living in the mountains provided them with real-time together as a family.

Relationships are essentially what brings meaning to our lives, which is why letting go of a partner may be so challenging for you right now. While you may no longer have a spouse, spending quality time with your kids, positive friends, family, and those who bring meaning to your life and truly bring life to perspective. And, if you feel you don’t have anyone who you feel you can spend time with, volunteering is always a great way to develop meaningful connections. Sometimes the best way to heal a broken heart is to give to another.

5. Celebrating Change Is Refreshing

“Not having a TV and getting rid of things brought a lot of change and we celebrated it” - Megan

Life can feel very uncertain when going through a divorce. There will be a plethora of changes, emotional tidal waves, and a new journey ahead. Being able to celebrate new experiences and new wins daily will keep you grounded and positive during your healing. Change can often be scary as it can feel like you have loss a sense of control over everything around you. When you release what you cannot control and focus on yourself you will begin to find your inner peace.

Megan’s journey wasn't short of growing pains. While she found her heart in the mountains, she also realized she needed her support and that was back in the city. She needed those closest to her to help work through some of the isolation that was coming up for her while living in the tiny house.

Today, Megan and her two children are back to living in the city. She would love to head back to the mountains again, but she is navigating how the children would feel about it. She wants them to be able to celebrate changes and understand they are a step higher on the mountain as they embrace the changes of life. As for now, they will take it one week at a time and see where their next adventure lands them.

And, if you are interested in renting the tiny house for your own mountainous experience, head over to The Tiny Rosehip.


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