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33 Validating Statements To Say To Your Child

I can see why you are upset.

That must be hard.

Wow, that must feel like a lot of pressure.

That must be frustrating.

That does sound sad.

That's impressive.

Tell me what happened.

You are so funny.

I can see it means a lot to you.

I know it must really hurt. Do you want a hug?

I can see how you feel stuck in the middle.

That doesn't sound like a nice thing to say, huh?

That looks tough. Would you like some help?

You are so creative.

What you’re feeling is completely okay. Do you want to talk about it?

Your feelings are valid.

That does sound challenging.

I hear you. How can I support you?

I’m sorry that I hurt you.

I'm really impressed with your effort.

That does sound exhausting.

Thank you for sharing your feelings with me.

It makes sense that you feel attacked.

I agree that wasn't very fair.

I think that is a brilliant idea.

I’m glad you trusted yourself and stuck with your decision.

You were so brave.

You are so strong.

I noticed you were very patient.

It is ok to cry and let it all out.

I see how that may be hurtful.

I'm sorry if I stepped on your toes. You can do it!

I believe in you!


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